Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Pink diamond engagement rings are the best choice for your engagement, because it is the one of the most important days of your life, so be sure to make it a memorable event. With colored jewelry you can show how much your loved one means to you. Fancy pink diamonds are every girls dream come through.

That engagement ring is going to be on her finger always, so it is absolutely the best gift for her, pink reminder of the most amazing day of her life and a sign of your unconditioned love for her. Do you now understand how important it is to make the right decision before even thinking about going to high end jewelry stores? Pink diamond jewelry is not an everyday accessory; it is a symbol of your devotion, love and commitment what you feel towards your special lady.

Because of this great importance you may want to look for pink diamond platinum engagement ring for her, since it is the most beautiful setting. The ring may pass through generations in your family, so it is also a great investment, and a beginning of a tradition to be lasted for centuries.

A natural diamond is much better choice over synthetic colored diamonds for obvious reasons. It's the real deal. First mined from the ground, then it is polished, cut and mounted to the ring. You don't want to start your life together with something that is not real, right? After all it is an outer impression of your feelings, what they really are. My advice is to send the right signal with the real diamond.

There are many different styles you can make your pick from. These include: modern, art deco engagement ring, vintage, antique diamond engagement rings etc. Be sure to know what the bride to be desires and select accordingly. Ask around, if you don't know for sure what her taste is exactly..

When it comes to pink and gemstones, diamond is the most highly recommended choice, you should be ready to spend around three months’ salary to the ring, remember, this is very special occasion, so don't mess it up. If you don't want to get a diamond for some reason, then the top choices are pink sapphire or pink topaz.

Next I will explain to you, what you need to know when buying a pink diamond engagement ring.

Buyers guide to pink diamond engagement rings

There are four important factors to keep in mind when buying diamonds. Those facts are commonly known as the 4 Cs. More specifically they are Cut Carat, Color and Clarity. Below is a short breakdown of these factors individually:

1. Cut
When the diamond is cut in a right way, the result will be a brilliant sparkling beauty. That's why the cut is the most important one of the four Cs. The way that the diamond is cut, determines how it reflects light, that's where the sparkling is coming from and romantic engagement stories are made. To put it simple, quality cut shows the soul of the diamond.

2. Carat
The carat is used to measure the weight of the diamond. 1.00 carat is divided to 100 points and one carat equals to 0.2 grams. So for example 150 point diamond is 1.5 Carat, 175 diamonds is 1.75 Carat etc. You can find colored diamonds engagement rings of high quality in all weight classes.

3. Color
Diamonds are found in many different colors. They are rated by the intensity of the color; this grading system is ranging from D to Z. D being totally colorless while Z grade diamond is very colorful. Most precious stones are between I to J grading. The closer to the D or Z the diamond is in color, the higher the price in general.

4. Clarity

Almost every diamond contains some impurities or flaws, which are called inclusions. You are not able to see most of them without 10x magnifier. When there are only minor flaws, it's not actually a bad thing, since these are kind of footprints of the diamond, making it unique. However, the less flaws there is, more expensive the diamond.  

Scales used to grade clarity are:
  • Internally flawless (IF)
  • Very small inclusions (VVS1-VVS2)
  • Very small inclusions (VS1-VS2)
  • Small inclusions (SI1-SI2)
  • Imperfect (I1-I2-I3) where you can see inclusions with naked eye.

Best place to buy your jewelry

What is the best place to buy and check pink diamond prices and how to do it in most efficient way?

Going from one jewelers shop to another can be very time consuming and frustrating process. I've found out that many of my friends have found their engagement rings at bargain prices online.

The ring is exactly the same what is sold in offline jewelry stores so to speak, but since there are fewer expenses to the store, no need for fancy diamond showcases etc., the prices tends to be lower.

Additional benefit is that you will be able to see much larger selection of pink diamond jewelry in much shorter amount of time, what you would be able to get your eyes on otherwise.

Selecting the store

I think that the best way to judge a wholesale jewelry supplier or any other service provider for that matter is by their commitment to please the customer. They have to be able to provide you with testimonials, guarantee and fast shipment. I've found out that only one online store seems to be able to fulfill these needs every time. That online store is

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